There is nothing UNDEAD about my vampires.

Vampires are a separate species and very much alive. A higher form of life, vampires have enhanced senses, strength and higher intelligence. Even though most are former humans, there are female Breeders among them who can reproduce but only with their mates and only once or twice a century. For this reason, born vampires are rare. They are also the future of the species.


“My vampires are highly sexual creatures with few inhibitions. Sex with a mate is an euphoric state and part of feeding, or blood sharing. Sex is a power exchange, essentially two vampires recharging their batteries. This is expressed though Dominant/submissive sexual roles that all vampires partake in. As an erotic writer, the BDSM angle put the entire world into focus for me, adding a fascinating physiological layer and another dimension to each of my characters.

”Into the Dark Woods, my series title, is that place where a person goes and never comes back from. More than a metaphor for becoming a vampire, it also represents the Dominant/submissive sexual realm that connects and sustains these character’s bonds through time. Once ventured into, one is forever changed by it...”

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The Series

As of now, I have nine books planned for the series. The first book, Bound to a Vampire, was published in early 2015 and is currently available in both Paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon and Create Space. Book Two, King in Chains, is tentatively planned for a Fall/Winter 2016 release date. Book Three, The Shapeshifter’s Heart, is a work-in- progress with no set publication date. Yet.

In Book One, Bound to a Vampire starts the series off with a threesome -- Cassandra, Killian and Alastair. It is told from Cassandra’s perspective as she is the nexus bringing the three back together, or at least trying, after being tragically separated. We go into Cassandra’s brutal human past, experience her Turning and watch the tumultuous love story unfold between her and her two mates. In Bound to a Vampire, Cassandra evolves into a powerfully talented vampire whose love and conviction fuels their journey across time.

There is a strong supporting cast of vibrant and compelling characters that fill Cassandra, Alastair and Killian’s world. Within this series, it is my intent to tell these vampire’s stories. Like Cassandra, we will see each of them in the past and the present. Each vampire has a unique story and a complex relationship with someone they love. Either denied or estranged from their True Mate, the secret to unraveling a character’s unhappiness or banishing their demons can only be done by claiming the mate that was meant for them. For each vampire, the journey is a little different but each must still delve into the deep past in order to move forward in the present.

More about the Series

  • The forest calls to me as it always has. Only now, not as a visitor, but as an inhabitant of the night.

    Cassandra, Chapter 9: The Hunting
  • Killian’s graceful yet forceful wielding of the whip and his ability to take apart this enraged male are astounding. At the same time, Alastair’s embattled submission has my heart pounding.

    Cassandra, Chapter 29: The Third
  • The three of us are locked in a battle of survival. We notice nothing. The world has fallen away and it is only us and the beat of Alastair’s heart and the sound of him swallowing my blood

    Cassandra, Chapter 34: Fate
  • I wake, locked in an embrace between Killian, cool hard muscle pressed against me, and Alastair, incredibly warm, his face and hair tangled in my breasts, his arms wrapped around my waist.

    Cassandra, Chapter 27, The Maker
  • Watching him, I’m reminded of a predator stalking his prey. His every movement is liquid seduction, his purple feline eyes patiently watchful.

    Cassandra, Chapter 50: The Leopard
  • I have to admit the final effect is stunning…having all that power so artfully contained—his limbs stretched, his genitals left deliciously vulnerable—calls to something dark and primal in me.

    Cassandra, Chapter 29: The Third

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